Staff + Executive Officers

Church Leadership

The church is governed by a Council which consists of its officers (Moderator, Vice Moderator, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and auditor) as well as the Ministry Coordinators. The council acts on behalf of the congregation which is the ultimate governing body.

Victoria Snow


Betsy Turner


Presides at all meetings of the congregation & may cast a tie-breaking vote on the Council.

Open Position

Vice Moderator

Acts as moderator in the moderators absence.

Open Position


Is the leader of the Finance Ministry and is responsible for all financial aspects for the church.

Open Position

Assistant Treasurer

Supports the treasurer in all financial aspects of the church.

Donna Barnes

Facilities Ministry Leader

Responsible for general Building and grounds Maintenance/repair

Open Position

Hospitality Ministry Leader

Responsible for all activities in support of the congregation members and guests.

Gloria Hess

Outreach Ministry Leader

Responsible for all activities involving the Church's interaction with the community. 

Robin Kenna

Worship Ministry & Education Leader

Responsible for coordinating all activities required to conduct Sunday services.

Scott Curry

Online Ministry Leader & President of the Men's Fellowship.

Responsible for providing technology support to the church and its officer's.

Denise Isaacson

Music Director

Responsible to develop and grow the church through the ministry of music.

Richard Crosby

Investment Advisor

Responsible for managing the Church's investment portfolio.