About Us

Mission Statement

Section 1. CCCUCC’s mission is to:
   • Be an active, risk-taking, Christian faith community.
   • Be a spiritual community that follows the ways of Jesus.
   • Be welcoming, open and affirming to all; and
   • Engage the wider world with acts of mercy, peace, and justice.
Section 2. CCCUCC’s vision is to be an embracing community and prophetic Christian voice.
Section 3. CCCUCC’s members covenant to honor and support the church’s mission and vision, to share in the life and work of the church, to render loving service toward all people, and to seek justice, embrace kindness and walk humbly together, listening for the voice of a still-speaking God.

Faith Statement

The CCCUCC Faith statement can be found here.

Safe Church Policy

The CCCUCC Safe Church Policy can be found here.