Outreach Ministry

About the Outreach Ministry

Ministry Leader
Gloria Hess

Outreach Ministry Mission Statement:
To share the love of Christ as we serve and connect with our community. We are involved currently with the following:
S.O.L.V.E. This agency assists newborns and mothers with needs. We have a Baby Shower annually for items to donate to this ministry.
Open Door School:  This school provides special services for mentally challenged adults. We enjoy giving back with a Valentine and Halloween party to these special adults. They also are involved with our Sabbatical garden.
We were gifted with pillows and handed out to those in need setting up housing in coordination with Community One. We also handed out to those in rehab joining society again.
LaL Mission statement:
To provide lunches and/or food to those that are homeless or needy with dignity, respect and compassion. Sydney Kenna and Gloria Hess are responsible for this mission. We serve Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We are very thankful to all volunteers involved with this ministry. Please contact Syd or Gloria if interested in volunteering.

For more information use the contact us page and specify you to be contacted about the Outreach Ministry.